Robson Green's 'crocodile attack'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 April 2016
Robson Green

Robson Green

Robson Green injured his head after running from a crocodile in Australia for his forthcoming show 'Robson Green's Australian Adventure' Down Under

Robson Green has claimed he was attacked by a crocodile.

The 51-year-old actor was rushed to hospital after the killer aquatic reptile snapped at him - behind bars - while he was shooting his new show 'Robson Green's Australian Adventure'.

He explained: "When I was checked over in the local hospital, they asked what had happened and I said, 'Crocodile attack!'."

However, he wasn't mauled by the crocodile, the creature simply frightened him and he accidentally fell back into a metal pole.

He added: "It was actually in a cage and I was out of harm's way so it wasn't really dangerous at all.

"But stupidly it gave me such a fright that I jumped out of the way and banged my head on the pole. I can say legitimately that I got a cut on my head from a crocodile attack."

However, despite the painful bump he sustained, the 'Grantchester' star was more worried about the damage to his face.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "It was quite embarrassing actually because I was genuinely upset that I'd hurt myself and got a cut on my head. I screamed, I hurt my head, there was blood.

"For an instant I thought, 'What the hell am I going to do?' because I can't do anything else. All I do as an actor is tell stories and my face is my fortune. It's all I've got."