Mark-Francis Vandelli won't admit he stars on Made in Chelsea

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  • 3 April 2016
Mark-Francis Vandelli

Mark-Francis Vandelli

Mark-Francis Vandelli has admitted he never admit s to his friends that he stars on 'Made in Chelsea' because he finds it embarrassing

Mark-Francis Vandelli would rather set himself on fire in public than admit he stars on 'Made in Chelsea'.

The 27-year-old reality TV star has featured on the London-based programme since 2011 but has admitted he can't bring himself to face the fact he's famous for nothing.

Asked if he tells his friends he's on 'Made in Chelsea', he said: "Oh my God. 'What do you do?' 'I'm on 'Made in Chelsea'.' I would rather set fire to myself in public."

And, although he has no plans to turn his back on the programme for the time being, he has admitted he prefers to keep his filming schedule to the minimum at all times.

Speaking to new! magazine, he explained: "I never film and that's wonderful. The less people know about you, the more they want to know."

However, Mark hasn't ruled out joining another reality TV show following his successful stint on 'The Jump' last month.

The posh boy - who was forced to withdraw from the competition after snapping his ankle during a live event - said of his time on the show: "'The Jump' was fascinating. Let's just say, I will never be scared of a spider again.

"You become pretty fearless. The adrenaline rush is something I'd never felt before."

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