Simon Le Bon ready for 'big musical rebellion'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 April 2016
Simon Le Bon

Simon Le Bon

Simon Le Bon thinks there is "scope" for a "big musical rebellion" soon as there is a "lot for young people to kick against"

Simon Le Bon believes there will be a "big musical rebellion" soon.

The Duran Duran star thinks the "scope" for a rebellion is fast approaching and admits he is very much "looking forward" to seeing it happen.

He told #legend magazine: "The scope for rebellion is really big now. There's a lot for young people to kick against. I think we're due for a big, big musical rebellion. And I'm looking forward to it."

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old musician and his bandmates have been hard at work in the studio, with Simon previously revealing they worked on their latest LP 'Paper Gods' for two years but didn't feel it was coming together until the last few months.

He explained: "Well it took two years to make so it didn't just sort of fall into place. There's a definite dynamic to the way it worked, though. We spent a whole year starting off with Mark Ronson, sifting through the bits and later on, we started to dig, and it really started coming together after a year.

"We hit a rich scene/stream of creativity, which coincided with the arrival of Mr. Hudson on the project. The sound - he really brought he sound to a different class for us, he gave us space around the notes, he gave us a slightly scary emptiness which we found very exciting, it was very new for us.

"We've always filled up every possible gap with something, layers and layers of keyboards, quite mushy sort of sound at times. But you listen to 'You Kill Me With Silence' and there's an abyss around the music, which gives you an excited feeling."

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