Anna Friel knocked herself out filming Marcella

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  • 1 April 2016
Anna Friel

Anna Friel

Anna Friel forced filming for 'Marcella' to come to a halt after she knocked herself out

Anna Friel knocked herself out shooting 'Marcella'.

The 39-year-old actress - who plays a retired Metropolitan Police Detective in the new crime drama - brought filming to a halt for 20 minutes after she smacked her head on her on-screen husband's chest and gave herself concussion.

She explained: "She [my character] gets quite physical. There's one direction I have to push my husband who's just told me he doesn't love me anymore down the stairs but [in] the last job he'd just had, he played a boxer so he was very strong and he's really tall and my head comes up to his chest and as I'm pushing him down the stairs he came towards me.... and I knocked myself out and I got concussion to the point where the medic had to come up and I couldn't quite see straight and they had to stop for about 20 minutes."

But, despite the minor mishaps she's suffered over the years, Anna is pleased she didn't take Simon Cowell up on his record deal seven years ago and carve out a career in music.

Speaking on the 'Jonathan Ross Show', she said: "Simon Cowell had offered me a record contract thinking that would be a natural transition and hearing that I could sing but I just thought it probably wouldn't do my acting career any good... I sing folk music really and the level and the quality of what he presents us with now is far beyond anything I could do I think."

'The Jonathan Ross Show' will hit screens on Saturday (02.14.16) on ITV at 9:35pm.

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