Pete Wicks' 'fiery' arguments with Megan McKenna

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  • 30 March 2016
Pete Wicks (c) Instagram

Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks believes he and his new girlfriend Megan McKenna will end up having explosive arguments because they both have fiery temperaments

Pete Wicks thinks his arguments with his new girlfriend Megan McKenna will be "fiery."

The 'Only Way is Essex' hunk is currently smitten with the reality TV star but is worried about the first time they lock horns because they both have hot-headed temperaments.

He explained: "I'm not scared of her! People know her for being feisty but there's more to Megan than her temper. There's a nice side to her that people need to see. I like people who stand up for what they believe in, as long as it's for the right reasons. When people are nasty it's because they know they're doing wrong. I don't have time for that ... If Megan falls out with me, it's going to be fiery but even though we may not be on the same wavelength, we get on well."

But Pete is convinced he'll be able to keep Megan, 23 - who is known for her wild foul-mouthed outbursts - calm in heated situations because he's learnt to control his anger now.

He said: "I'm quite chilled out now but I used to be quite fiery. I used to have a very short fuse and go a bit nutty."

And, although he's pleased with how well their relationship is going at the moment, the handsome star has admitted he finds it difficult dating someone in the public eye.

Speaking to Star! magazine, the 27-year-old hunk explained: "I'm quite a private person when it comes to that sort of stuff and everyone passes judgement."

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