Keith Richards would rather be naked on stage than wear Mick Jagger's costumes

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  • 29 March 2016
The Rolling Stones

Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Keith Richards wouldn't be seen dead in any of Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger's outlandish stage costumes

Keith Richards would rather be "stripped naked" on stage than wear one of Sir Mick Jagger's costumes.

The 72-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist has joked that he'd prefer to wear nothing at all when playing live than be seen in one of Mick's outlandish jumpsuits.

Although, he admitted that in the 1970s the 'Satisfaction' hitmakers pretty much all had the same styled clothing and he once got caught out when the illegal drug LSD was left in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing.

Asked if he's ever swapped clothes with his friend and bandmate over the years, he quipped: "I don't wear costumes. I'd rather be stripped naked. Mick and I have never swapped clothes much. There was a point in the 70s when we all had a load of similar jackets made up and it didn't matter whose was whose. Except when I got busted with acid in the pocket of one and had to say, 'Hey that's not my acid!' "

The band have curated a new display named 'EXHIBITIONISM' - which is to open at The Saatchi Gallery in London next week - that will feature over 500 items from the band's personal archives, including lots of their stage outfits and clothes they wore in their videos.

Mick, 72, has revealed he had to ask many of his children to return items of clothing they had borrowed from him so they could be included in the exhibition.

The 'Street Fighting Man' singer - who has seven kids with four different women, including daughters, Karis, 45, Jade, 44, Elizabeth, 32, and Georgia, 24 - told TimeOut London magazine:

"Actually, my kids have a lot of clothes they've borrowed off me, so I've mostly been getting them back from my daughters. They've been wearing them all this time."

Discussing the exhibition, he added: "There's not much to compare it with ... It's the opposite of a corporate exhibition, in a way, because it's so real. It's not predictable, there's a few twists and turns in it."

The Rolling Stones

The legendary rockers, fronted by Mick Jagger, perform their recognisable hits from across the decades including Satisfaction, Paint It Black and Brown Sugar, as well as some surprises thrown in for good measure. Special guests in London on their No Filter tour include Liam Gallagher on Tuesday and Florence + The Machine…

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