Stephanie Davis declares love for Jeremy McConnell

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  • 29 March 2016
Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Stephanie Davis has dropped a huge hint she is back together with Jeremy McConnell after admitting she is in love with the hunk and "can't live without" him

Stephanie Davis has hinted she is back together with Jeremy McConnell once again by declaring her love for him.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' stars have been involved in a turbulent relationship, including the hunk admitting to cheating on the former 'Hollyoaks' actress, since meeting on the reality TV show in January, but the blonde beauty insists she is going to "follow [her] heart" and "can't live without" Jeremy.

Appearing to refer to screenshots she recently posted of messages that were allegedly between Jeremy and a mystery woman, Stephanie wrote on Twitter: "I can confirm the messages supposedly sent from Jeremy aren't true. Everyone can hate and say what they like, but at the end of the day

"I met a boy who I fell in love with. It's been hard with all the press and tweets,have all you not experienced heart ache. It's been so

"Hard for us. And if you could all see the pain I've been in and him you would understand. Yes your right and I won't be posting my life on

"Social media. But when you meet someone you love and can't live without you know its real. This week has been the worst week of my life &. I

"Just want to be happy. Against me or not I'll do what I have to do and follow my heart. Where sets what will be will be. There's a lot u

"Don't know only by what papers say. It's my life and my choice, I might be wrong I might be right... I can only follow my heart &I hope (sic)"

Stephanie and Jeremy split last week when she accused him of being unfaithful to her, just weeks after the Irish model admitted to cheating on her with a different woman, dancer Caroline Pope, the day after he left the 'CBB' house, where the soap star was pining for him.

The 23-year-old star's public declaration of love for Jeremy comes just hours after she went on a blind date with a mystery man, despite admitting she wasn't particularly looking forward to it.

Steph posted a short black and white clip on her Snapchat account, complete with the caption: "Out out. Blind date so not keen but f**k it ha. (sic)"

The actress - who played Sinead O'Connor on the Channel 4 soap - recently admitted she had sought counselling in a bid to rescue her and Jeremy's burgeoning romance, and the 'Beauty School Cop Outs' star admitted he had "slept with other girls because of my [his] insecurities".

Jeremy and Stephanie got together in 'CBB' when she was dating 'First Dates' star Sam Reece, who she ditched on national TV.

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