EastEnders' Phil drunkenly destroys car lot in digger

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  • 29 March 2016
Phil Mitchell on his digger rampage

Phil Mitchell on his digger rampage

'EastEnders' hardman Phil Mitchell is to drunkenly destroy his car lot in a booze-filled digger rampage

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell is to reach breaking point when he drunkenly demolishes the car lot in a digger.

The soap hardman - who is played by Steve McFadden - was recently given months to live after being diagnosed with cirrhosis, and in upcoming scenes he will lose it after a family argument and take his frustrations out on Deals on Wheels.

New pictures show Phil jumping in a digger and setting about destroying the car dealership while heavily intoxicated.

As he pulverizes the office in a drunken rampage, the Walford waster chuckles away to himself.

But his actions may have serious consequences as unbeknown to Phil there is someone inside the building.

A source recently said: "Things have been getting worse for Phil for a while but now his family are starting to turn their backs on him as he won't listen to them and has pushed everyone away.

"He trashes the Arches before taking control of a digger and tearing down the car lot but what he doesn't realise is that someone is in there. All hell breaks loose as everyone starts to rummage through the debris to find out who is trapped inside."

However, it wouldn't be the first time Phil has unintentionally injured someone at the car lot.

In March 1994, he torched the dealership, then called Frank's Autos, as a favour to Frank Butcher (Mike Reid) who wanted to claim on the insurance.

But, sadly, a homeless guy died in the fire as he had been sleeping in one of the burnt cars, which exploded in the blaze.

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