Boy George's 'mascara drama' on The Voice

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 March 2016
Boy George

Boy George

Boy George has a 'mascara drama' on shoot with his remaining three contestants on 'The Voice'

'The Voice's Boy George makes his team wear mascara.

The 54-year-old singer, known for his eccentric look, forced his three contestants Harry Fisher, 19, Vangelis, 24, and Cody Frost, 18, to add some dark eye make-up to their faces during a recent photo shoot for the BBC One show.

Speaking exclusively told BANG Showbiz, Harry explained: "We had a mascara drama last week - we were doing a shoot with George and I didn't have any mascara on so he called in his make-up chief and got me some mascara."

Cody, added: "He said 'You need to wear mascara!'"

But dark mascara wasn't the only bit of advice the Culture Club star has given his contestants since he joined the panel as he also told them he'd send them home if they sung over top of each other in the battle rounds of the show.

Harry said: "He always says 'Don't be perfect - be a performer.' "

Cody added: "And he always says he wants emotion over what you can do - he says 'So don't be showing off, make sure you relate to the song and make other people believe you can relate to the song.'

"He did that especially in the battles as well, he said 'If any of you shout or scream over each other I'm going to send you home'. He didn't want it to be like it had been before so I think that's why this year there was a lot of strong battles."

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