John Newman: You make an album to chat up girls

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  • 25 March 2016
John Newman at BMI Awards

John Newman

John Newman told the crowd at The O2 in London last night (24.03.16) that he likes to chat up girls through writing albums

John Newman admits he writes songs to woo the ladies.

Before performing his song 'I'm Not Your Man' at The O2 in London last night (24.03.16), where the soul singer is supporting Ellie Goulding on her 'Delirium World Tour', the hunky pop star admitted that the reason he makes music is to pick up women.

Speaking to the crowd, the 'Love Me Again' hitmaker - who previously dated Ella Eyre - said: "You make an album to chat up girls. Singing this song on stage is so bizarre because it means so much more now."

Meanwhile during Ellie's set a couple got engaged during her cover song performance of 'How Long Will I Love You'.

After finishing the song, she said: "Has someone got engaged? Oh my god someone's got engaged. Did she say yes? You are making me emotional. Congratulations."

Later on in the 'Army' hitmaker's set, before she performed 'Explosions', Ellie told the crowd to put their phones in their pockets in order to enjoy the show and hinted she'd like people to experience her shows in person rather than through badly made videos of her gig.

She told the crowd: "When your housemate says 'how was the show?' Instead of saying yeah it was amazing, which I hope you will say, you can say go and see it for yourself."

The 29-year-old beauty later took to her Instagram account to share a photograph of the millions of phone lights in the audience of 20,000 and said only those who attended will "understand" what she means.

Alongside the picture she wrote: "I am ever so grateful for the beautiful crowd of people I had at the 02 tonight. What a night. And only those there can understand what I mean. Much love everyone and goodnight xx (sic)"

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