Tim Booth says 'younger fans' are helping James top the charts

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  • 25 March 2016
Tim Booth

Tim Booth

Tim Booth believes the James' younger fanbase is helping the band top the charts

James is topping the charts with the help of its young fans.

The rock group are on course to knock Grammy Award-winner Adele from the Number One top spot on the Official UK Album Chart with their 14th album 'Girl At The End Of The World' and frontman Tim Booth believes he has the younger generation of fans to thank for its recent success.

In an interview with NME magazine, he said: "It [2014's 'La Petite Mort'] reached a lot of people, especially the videos. We were noticing a younger audience coming to our gigs, so I think the last one set up this one ['Nothing But Love]. We know we've made a pretty magical record and we believe the record will stand up to the scrutiny so it feels great.

"There aren't many people who can break through the glass ceiling of age and it looks like we're gonna be one of them."

But when it comes to knocking Adele off the top spot, Tim isn't convinced the group will be able to up against a "force" like the 'Hello' hitmaker.

He explained: "We're very happy with how things are going. We think the force of nature that is Adele will push us out of the way at the last moment. James is like a little cottage industry compared to a corporation and I can't see us holding onto that Number One spot by the end of the week.

"We're going to do our best obviously and we'll be very happy with Number Two or Three or whatever we end up with. It's just really nice that it's surprised a lot of people.

"We improvise songs, we can't write hits, we have not a clue how to do that and we aren't interested in that, but every so often a big song just turns up. It's like you're fishing for trout and you suddenly catch a massive great pike by complete error. We knew we'd caught something quite big with 'Nothing But Love'. We've got another one called 'Dear John' which is gonna make people be quite surprised too, because it doesn't sound like a James song in some ways. I'm looking forward to that one coming out."

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