Ron Perlman lends voice to Lovecraft animation

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  • 23 March 2016
Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer are to lend their voices to new animation 'Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom'

Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer have joined the cast of new animation 'Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom'.

Perlman will be lending his voice to the character Shoggoth and Plummer will be providing the voice of Dr. Herbert West in the Shout! Factory's animated adaptation of the graphic novel of the same title, by Bruce Brown and Renzo Podesta.

Ron confirmed the news on his Twitter account on Tuesday (22.03.16) by re-tweeting an article by which announced the voice casting.

In the piece, the film website said: "The intent of the project is to introduce another generation to Lovecraft's work."

Howard Lovecraft was an American horror author who became famous for his stories only after his death in 1937.

His work was only ever published in pulp magazines but he's now considered one of the most influential and significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

The 'Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom' book is a young adult friendly tale about a young Lovecraft going on a fantastical/frightening adventure, and it blends real aspects of the iconic horror author's youth with nods to some of the existentially terrifying monsters of his famous stories.

'Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom' will be released this autumn.

Perlman, 65, is best known for his roles as Vincent in the television series 'Beauty and the Beast' - for which he won a Golden Globe - and as the comic book character Hellboy in both 2004's 'Hellboy' and its 2008 sequel 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'.

Meanwhile, Plummer, 86, has played notable roles in films such as 'The Sound of Music', 'Battle of Britain' and 'Waterloo'.

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