Feeling the Buzz

Feeling the Buzz

Baby Face by Katy Dye / credit: Daniel Hughes

We focus on two artists performing at Buzzcut festival this year

With Buzzcut having established itself as a busy, eclectic festival of experimental performance, it's difficult to pick out a single theme that represents the variety of artists who arrive at Govan's Pearce Institute. However, Lechedevirgen Trimegisto and Katy Dye are good examples of the kind of work and ideas that will be on display.

Inferno Variete

Fusing transgressive performance art with religious iconography, Mexican-based artist Lechedevirgen Trimegisto, alongside multimedia artist Sorshamn Lara, presents Inferno Variety, an alternative to institutionalised homophobia and violence in Mexican art.

'I see my work within the tradition of Mexican magic and spiritualism,' he explains, 'among the theatrical background of the cabaret and variety shows.' Influenced by drag and trash culture, and Mexican horror films,Trimegseto has another, more mysterious inspiration. 'Fidencio Constantino - 'El Nino Fidencio' – thaumaturgist and curandero from the north of Mexico. 'He became famous between 1920-30 by creating new and unusual methods of healing. He fully embodies what I understand as an 'artist': someone who makes possible the miracle of transformation and healing, helping to create a better world.'

Aiming to create a space for transcendence and contemplation, Trimegisto and Lara promise a visceral, thought-provoking experience.

Baby Face

Performance artist Katy Dye's Baby Face is a meditation on the infantilisation of mature women, both day-to-day and within the media. In particular, it examines the paradox within which young girls act older and women cling tochildlike ways of looking and behaving.

Dye, who previously worked with the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Camden People's Theatre and Untitled Projects says,'It occurred to me that we live in an age where paedophilia is explicitly condemned, yet the sexualisation of children and women as childlike is so apparent. Baby Face explores the challenging reality of being a woman today, when in many ways, women are still expected to look and act like little girls.'

Citing examples such as Miley Cyrus and bubblegum-blowing models with bunches, Dye's piece should be both provocation and fascinating discourse on the seemingly ubiquitous youth market and its damaging societal effects.

Buzzcut is at The Pearce Institute, Govan, Wed 6–Sun 10 Apr

Buzzcut Festival

Cutting edge performance art festival created in December 2011 in response to the shock cancellation of the well-established New Territories festival. Buzzcut is all about sharing: food, ideas and homes.

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