Interview: Karin Franz Körlof – 'It's good to reflect the real world because we are seeing quite evil forces getting power'

Interview: Karin Franz Körlof 'It's good to reflect the real world because we are seeing quite evil forces getting power'

Blue Eyes is a political thriller from the makers of The Bridge and Real Humans

Blue Eyes is the latest Swedish import to hit UK TV. A political thriller from the team behind The Bridge and Real Humans (the basis for Channel' 4's sci-fi hit Humans) starring Louise Peterhoff, Sven Nordin and Karin Franz Körlof. A hard hitting drama that deals with racism, immigration, nationalism and home grown terror. A conspiracy of corruption is uncovered after the Justice Department's chief-of-staff disappears on the eve of a national election.

We caught up with Körlof to find out more …

Could you briefly explain what Blue Eyes is all about?
The show is set in present day Sweden and it's a multi-plot story. A politician called Elin (Peterhoff) is trying to solve a murder, that's one of the storylines. My character Sofia is a working class girl, a young mother. Her mother is a member of a right wing party and Sofia agrees with her ideology and at the end of the first episode the mother is killed. That's a bit of spoiler for the first episode [laughs]. The mother is murdered and Sofia puts the blame on immigrants and becomes more and more extreme in her views, turning more and more to the right of the political spectrum.

How did you first get involved with the show?
It started as a normal audition. Then I read the character description and was blown away because normally as a female actor you audition for victims, femme fatales and the girlfriend, so I was like "wow this is a really heavy role" so I was really really interested immediately.

Do you think this is the good time to tackle issues of immigration and extremism in TV drama?
Definitely. It's good to reflect the real world, especially now, because we are seeing quite evil forces getting power not just in Sweden but the UK, France, Greece, Hungry, Italy, everywhere. Sometimes it feels like history repeating itself, so I think it's really important to raise these subjects and try to get people to think about it and speak about it.

This is the first time most people have seen you in the UK but what is your acting background?
I've been acting since I was about 14. This is my first lead role and my biggest break so far. I actually studied in Scotland, I did two years at The Space in Dundee. I also trained in Sweden and had roles on Swedish TV [including an episode of Wallander] and just had a feature premiere at the Berlin film festival, Berlinale, Pernilla August's A Serious Game.

Why do you think Scandinavian TV has connected with a British audience?
We're not that different from each other. I know that for a fact since I used to live in Scotland [laughs].

Blue Eyes will air on More4 and online at on Fri 25 Mar.

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