Paul O'Grady is banned from The One Show

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  • 22 March 2016
Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady has hit out at 'The One Show' after he was banned for his sharp-tongued comments

Paul O'Grady has been banned from 'The One Show'.

The 'For The Love Of Dogs' presenter, who was thrown off the teatime magazine programme recently after he answered subjects of a "contentious" nature, has lashed out at the programme for being too "squeaky clean."

Paul, 60, told The Sun newspaper: "I was banned from 'The One Show' for kicking off. I feel like an old slapper when I go on as they are so squeaky clean. They always ask a contentious question. I tell them, 'Don't ask me anything about Boris Johnson, the Government or anything'. I am happy to talk about mohair sweaters and bath salts.

"Of course I kick off and they are like, 'We won't have Paul for a few months, until the villagers with the burning torches have gone away.' "

And it's not the first time the British funnyman has got into trouble on the early-evening programme, as in 2014 he was slammed with complaints after he dished out his harsh opinion on Channel 4's controversial 'Benefits Street'.

Meanwhile, his sharp-tongued remarks haven't just put him in the firing line on television as he's also been told off for being outspoken on his BBC Radio 2 show, which has led him to quit the role several times but each time he's been let off.

He said previously: "I ramble and I can see the producer panicking like when I say, 'Oh, Jeremy Hunt is rhyming slang for ... I have given in my notice loads of times."

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