Peter Capaldi thinks the BBC needs 'more regional drama'

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  • 22 March 2016
Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi would like the BBC to make more "regional dramas" to reflect the whole of the UK

Peter Capaldi would like more "regional drama" on the BBC.

The 'Doctor Who' star has been quizzed on how he would spend the corporation's £8 billion budget if he was running the organization and he thinks the channels should represent the wider population of the UK as its programming is paid for by the public through the license fee.

When asked by Radio Times magazine what he would do with the budget, Capaldi - who is from Glasgow, Scotland - said: "I'd have more regional drama. As the BBC is paid for by the entirety of the nation, that should be reflected in its content more. High-quality writing and production should be both encouraged and experienced by people all over the country".

Capaldi - who has played the Twelfth Doctor in two series - also shared that he and his family, wife Elaine and grown-up daughter Cecily, have a love of "real-life crime documentaries".

The 57-year-old actor does watch himself playing the titular Time Lord in 'Doctor Who', but only because he loves the sci-fi show, not because he wants to rate his own performances.

He said: "I watch TV with my wife and daughter but we watch more real-life crime documentaries than anything else. On Mother's Day we all sat down and watched 'Life and Death Row' ... 'Making of a Murderer' was amazing. 'Shetland', too, but I have a vested interest there because my wife is executive producer! 'The Voice' is also very enjoyable."

"I prefer not to (watch myself), but I watch 'Doctor Who', because I like 'Doctor Who'."

When asked if there was a programme he would choose to be watching when he dies, he quipped: "'One Foot in the Grave' I suppose!"

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