Sir Mick Jagger listened to David Bowie's album before his death

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  • 22 March 2016
Sir Mick Jagger

Sir Mick Jagger

Sir Mick Jagger has admitted he was devastated when he heard about David Bowie's death because he was planning to reach out to him just before after hearing his new album

Sir Mick Jagger had listened to the late David Bowie's album shortly before his passing earlier this year.

The Rolling Stones frontman was devastated when he learnt the 'Starman' hitmaker had lost his battle with cancer in January because he was planning to reach out to him just weeks before after hearing his newly released LP 'Blackstar'.

He explained: "I was listening to his album before he died and ahead of it coming out. I thought I must get in touch with him as I hadn't seen him in long time. But he died almost immediately after that. I was very upset."

However, despite his anguish, the 72-year-old rocker has so much respect for the fallen star as he believes it takes a real legend to continue working up until his final months of life.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said of David: "What he was going through [the cancer] must have been really wrenching. But working and doing such good work until the very end is really laudable."

Sir Mick and David, who died at the age of 69, struck up a friendship in the early 1970s after they bonded over their shared love of writing, photography and music.

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