Scotty T had sex on a bus

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 March 2016
Scotty T

Scotty T

Scotty T has revealed he has had sex in various places, but on a busy bus when he was at school was the oddest

Scotty T had sex on the back of a busy school bus.

The 'Geordie Shore' star - whose real name is Scott Timlin - had no shame in dropping his pants for a quickie on the backseat of a jam-packed coach in his younger school days and even now tries to find unusual places to rendezvous.

Speaking exclusively to BANG showbiz about the various sites of his romantic conquests, the 'Celebrity Big Brother' champion said: "The back of a bus when it was busy. I like it, it was nice. I was at the very back, it was those with the high seats. I just got her to sit on me, she had a skirt on. It was when I was only at school - sixth form."

Meanwhile, his co-stars aren't as experimental in the bedroom as their frisky co-star.

Marnie Simpson said: "I'm not spontaneous with that kind of stuff, I haven't done it in any crazy places."

Scott and Marnie have returned to the long-running show for the twelfth series of 'Geordie Shore', which airs on MTV every Tuesday at 10pm.

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