Top five events at the Village Storytelling Festival

Top five events at the Village Storytelling Festival

Tim Ralphs

Ever heard the one about the old woman, the buffalo and the lion of Manding?

In honour of the Village Storytelling Centre's 15th birthday, a five-day festival of words and new works is taking place across Glasgow. Here, we pick five events from the Village Storytelling Festival programme that we're excited about, with everything from parkour to live performance on our list.

Point of View – A group of teens from St Paul's Academy express various themes of adolescence through aerial movements, balance and coordination (and by that, we mean Parkour). With storytelling from Dougie Mackay.
Tue 22 Mar, 5pm, Free.

The Old Woman, The Buffalo, and The Lion of Manding – Storyteller Jan Blake leads this performance, which also features live music, and tells the story of a royal family torn apart by jealousy, plots and exile.
Tue 22 Mar, 7.30pm, £10 (£8).

The Four Chambers of the Heart – Tim Ralphs and Cat Gerrard explore tales of the heart from around the world, from passion to heartache.
Thu 24 Mar, 7pm, £10 (£8).

Storytelling - Power of Engagement – A symposium chaired by TRACS Director Donald Smith, with speakers Katrice Horsley examining Neuroscience and Narrative, Beth Hamilton-Cardus talking about Big Topic Tales: Issue-Based Storytelling for Children, and Janis Mackay discussing Stories For a Better Nation.
Wed 23 Mar, 9.30am, Free.

The Village Fete – Rounding off the festival is a family-friendly village fete, complete with stalls, home baking and a bouncy castle. Just so lovely and twee.

The Village Story Telling Festival runs Tue 22 Mar–Sat 26 Mar at CCA, Glasgow.

The Village Storytelling Festival

A participative storytelling festival with exhibitions, films, music, performances and cutting edge storytelling. You can also take part in a symposium as part of the festival, with workshops, discussion sessions and the chance to think about what storytelling means to you.

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