Amanda Holden: My sex life is 'non-existent'

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  • 18 March 2016
Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden says her sex life is "non-existent" as her husband Chris Hughes is prioritised "after the pet fish"

Amanda Holden claims her sex life is "non-existent".

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge admits she rarely gets to spend that much time with her beau, Chris Hughes, as he is even prioritised "after the pet fish".

She said: "We're both so busy. It's about trying to carve out a bit of time for us - we have to explain to the girls that they must go to bed and let us have time alone, which is hard. My poor husband - he's so far down the list."

The 45-year-old television personality - who has Alexa, 10, Hollie, four and also opened up about family life, admitting they are a very "traditional household".

She added: "I'm strict, but Chris isn't - the girls just laugh in his face. He tries to get me to fight his battles, and I say, 'No way, you do it.'

"We're quite a traditional household, I think. He throws them around, tickles and plays with them, and I do absolutely everything else. He's got a good deal."

And just like any other mother, Amanda loves embarrassing her children.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Every day my girls say things like, 'You're not wearing that are you?' or 'Put some make-up on,' or 'Your breath smells of coffee,' so I think I embarrass them more.

"I do this thing at the moment when I drop Lexie off at school - I wind the window down and shout, 'I love you!' and she turns round and glares at me. Or I turn the music up really loud and wind the windows down so I'm like a rapper mum. It's hilarious!"

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