All Saints have unbreakable bond

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  • 17 March 2016
All Saints

All Saints

All Saints insist that despite splitting up on several occasions they've always been able to resolve any issues they've had with each other

All Saints have an unbreakable bond.

The reformed girl group - Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton - were famous for their fights during their 90s heyday but they insists most of those bust-ups were caused by the fact they had to deal with the pressures of fame at a young age.

But no matter what has gone done between the four of them they have always resolved their issues and that's because they share a special friendship.

Songwriter Shaznay told GQ Style magazine: "There's no way anyone at that age can be expected to act the way we do now. It'd be great if you could, because you'd avoid certain things, but I think you're meant to make those mistakes. As you get older you realise that some people leave your life over time, but with these three, whatever's happened, we've always fixed it."

The 'Never Ever' hitmakers returned last month with new single 'One Strike' and their album 'Red Flag' comes out on April 8, and it is an LP they couldn't be more proud of.

Melanie previously said: "It's the album I've always wanted us to make. It's just nice to feel like that after years of being in the industry and not really loving it too much. This is just perfect.

"The fact that we made this album, that's it, that's the main thing. Who'd have thought after 20 years we'd make this album? From even where we were four years ago, it's incomprehensible."

The last time the 'Pure Shores' hitmakers got together was for their 2014 UK tour.

All Saints will head out on a 10-date tour of the UK in support of 'Red Flag' this October.

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