Neve Campbell got 'tired' of 'Hollywood rat race'

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  • 17 March 2016
Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell decided to retreat from Hollywood after she got typecast as a horror star following her lead role in the 'Scream' franchise

Neve Campbell pulled back from the "Hollywood rat race" after feeling she had become typecast.

The 42-year-old actress starred as lead character Sidney Prescott in the highest-grossing slasher film series 'Scream', but she got disillusioned with the deluge of horror films that were then offered to her so decided to take a step back from the movie business.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: "I just got tired of the Hollywood rat race and moved to England for seven years. This business is fickle

"It's not based on how good your work is but how big your last movie was. I got offered horror films but I didn't want to do any more of those.

"Eventually, my US agent called and said 'Do you care at all about your American profile?' That's when we decided to move back to LA for a year."

After becoming a mother in 2012, Neve stayed relevant by taking smaller roles in shoes such as 'Greys Anatomy' and 'Mad Men' and she can currently be seen in Netflix series 'House of Cards'.

Talking about her role as Leann Harvey in political drama, Never admits she enjoys being "being an older women" and playing a "grown-up" character after years as a scream queen.

Never - who has three-year-old son Caspian with her partner JJ Feild - said: "I play Leann Harvey, who's a Texan. She's intelligent, successful, driven. I don't have any fear of ageing. I like being an older women. I like being a strong women. Which is why I like doing House of Cards. I actually get to play a grown-up."

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