Michael Mann plans Heat prequel

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  • 17 March 2016
Summer Mann with Michael Mann

Summer Mann with Michael Mann

Veteran director Michael Mann is set to work on a prequel to his 1995 classic heist film 'Heat' - and it may then turn into a movie

Michael Mann is planning a 'Heat' prequel novel which could be turned into a movie.

The 73-year-old director's 1995 crime film starred Hollywood legends Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino as career criminal Neil McCauley and cop Lt. Vincent Hanna and became a cult classic.

Now, two decades on, Mann is set to write another story around the characters that it is hoped will be adapted for the big screen.

It has been revealed that the filmmaker is ready to sign a deal to create his own company, Michael Mann Books, that will publish his future works and it's said that a prequel novel to the crime thriller is one of his top priorities.

'Heat' was written and directed by Michael and featured stellar performances from its leading men.

Set in Los Angeles, it follows DeNiro as McCauley and his crew of professional bank robbers, which included Val Kilmer as Chris Shiherlis, who want one final big score with Pacino's Hanna determined to stop them.

Speaking about the original 'Heat' storyline, Mann - who is married to Summer Mann and whose other credits include 'Public Enemies' and 'Collateral' - previously revealed he had based the characters on people he knew and had observed.

He said: "This is based on observations. This is based on people I have met, people I've known, people I've sat with and talked to. Thieves, cops, killers. It's not derived from other cinema, it's based on research."

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