Scotty T to distance himself from Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 March 2016
Scotty T

Scotty T

Scotty T will "never" contact his 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell because he thinks their relationship is out of control

Scotty T doesn't want to be friends with Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell anymore.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' champion vows he will only remain friends with a few of his former housemates and the turbulent couple haven't made the cut as their relationship is out of control and is made on a bed of lies.

Speaking exclusively to BANG showbiz, he said: "I don't want to be friends with them because I feel as if they have gone off the rails. I mean Jeremy, when he left 'Big Brother', apparently he said some things about me. He was like 'Scotts been getting with Megan [McKenna] but he's got a girlfriend.' But, she's not my girlfriend, it's just a girl I've been meeting. Then apparently he had a presenting job and he missed it. Steph just does my head in because she is a liar. But, Steph when the whole thing in 'Big Brother' when she came in she was like, 'I've got a boyfriend. I want to marry him. I love him, I love him.' Then she pulled Jeremy she said: 'My boyfriend's done so many bad things to me' using that as an excuse because she got with Jeremy."

The 'Geordie Shore' lothario may have struck up a close bond with Jeremy in the infamous abode but he's keen to distance himself from him now as he disapproves of the Irish model's reckless behaviour.

He said: "I just think Jeremy is not doing himself any favours, and I don't really want to associate myself with that because I can get out of that.

"Last year I was out loose going out every day but I'm in work mode so trying to keep myself to myself."

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