R.E.M's Peter Buck is glad split was amicable

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  • 15 March 2016
Peter Buck

Peter Buck

R.E.M's Peter Buck is glad the band's split wasn't nasty but thinks it is unlikely the group will release any more music

Peter Buck is glad R.E.M's split was amicable.

The 'Losing My Religion' guitarist is pleased they "walked away" from the group rather than it have ended bitterly and they spend the next years "bad-mouthing each other".

He said: "We got together, and Michael said, 'I think you guys will understand. I need to be away from this for a long time.' And I said, 'How about forever?' Michael looked at Mike, and Mike said, 'Sounds right to me.' That's how it was decided.

"We felt like we made a great last record [2011's 'Collapse Into Now']. The last two records we made - I'm really proud of them. [2008's] 'Accelerate' is in my top five. But we got to the point where we wanted to go our own ways. We didn't want to keep doing 20-year-old songs.

"I like the fact that we walked away from it, and we're not bad-mouthing each other. We're not suing each other. Technically, the band broke up. But we didn't really. We're just not making records or touring."

And the 59-year-old musician admits the chance of another album is unlikely as the group have released all their best songs.

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: "We don't have a lot of leftover studio songs that are finished. We could probably put out an album of stuff that we thought was too mediocre to be on the original records. Why would we do that?

"Michael generally didn't finish songs if he didn't like them. It wasn't like we had 20 songs to choose from for every album. We'd have 14, and 12 would make the record. The other two might be B-sides."

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