Danny Dyer set for 'child-orientated' wedding

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  • 14 March 2016
Danny with Joanne and Dani at screening

Joanne Mas, Danny Dyer and their daughter Dnani

Danny Dyer and his long-term lover Joanne Mas are keen to have bouncy castles and magicians at their wedding later this year

Danny Dyer's wedding will feature "bouncy castles and magicians".

The 'EastEnders' actor is set to marry his childhood sweetheart Joanne Mas later this year and, although it's meant to be about them becoming husband and wife, they are pulling out all the stops to ensure their children - Danni, 19, Sunnie, nine, and Arty, three - have a good time too.

Speaking about their Big Day, Joanne explained: "It will be child-orientated with bouncy castles and magicians and I am trying to get the funfair to come in."

The brunette beauty - who has been put in charge of the arrangements - is also keen to incorporate some of her upbringing in the wedding and has decided there will be a slight Spanish theme running throughout.

Joanne - whose father is from Majorca, Spain - told HELLO! magazine: "There will be a Gypsy-type band, flamenco dancers, tapas, paella and sangria - and I am still working on Julio Iglesias! It's a celebration for everyone who has stuck by us through the highs and lows."

But, despite her love for the Balearic Island, Joanne is happy to accommodate some of Danny's Cockney quirks as well by playing the anthem of his favourite football team, West Ham United.

She added: "He is the most Cockney person I have ever met, but I don't want him to come dressed as a pearly king.

"But I may get some bubble machines and insist everyone sings 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'."


1. Susan Gavaghan14 Mar 2016, 1:05pm Report

I was shocked to read that the couple's son will be dressed as a matador. Surely animal abuse is not an appropriate thing to celebrate at a wedding? Bulls are tortured 2 days prior to the fight; they are fed salt water and laxatives, kept in dark boxes, have vaseline smeared into their eyes to impair their vision, their bones are broken and needles are inserted into their genitals. Once in the ring they are stabbed by picadors (men on horseback) who cut into their neck muscles. Then they are stabbed by men with bandarillas. Then they are finally killed by the matador. This may not happen immediately and the bull always vomits blood. Horses suffer horiffically in the ring and are gored by the bull. Bullfighting in Spain would have died out without EEC subsidies. The rings are only 25% full, and that is with free tickets being offered. Animal Rights is one of the big issues of our time, along with environmental issues. This is unnaceptable.

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