Nathan Sykes to reinvent himself with debut solo LP

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  • 14 March 2016
Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes wants his solo album to show what he is all about as an artist and he's determined to not make music that fans of his old band The Wanted would like him to

Nathan Sykes hasn't released his solo album yet because didn't want to rush something out.

The 22-year-old singer is taking his time over his debut LP as he wants to make a record off his own back rather than trade off the "success" of his former band The Wanted.

Nathan insists it is important to reintroduce himself by releasing a plethora of singles so his fans can get "familiar" with him as solo singer.

On why he's not rushing the record, he told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I think as a new artist, it's very important to reintroduce myself to people, what I didn't want to do was put out any old thing and hope any fans of The Wanted would go and buy it.

"I really wanted something that was really special and really close to my heart. Something that I really hope would last a really long time.

"It would have been disrespectful to the fans but to the band as well if I tried to flog an album off the back of our success.

"I've really tried to go away and craft a sound that I really believe in. I think the amount of singles I've got going into the album, that's just part of the reintroduction and people getting familiar with not just me as an artist but with me being a solo artist, not just the young one from The Wanted."

The 'Kiss Me Quick' hitmaker - who is currently supporting Little Mix on their 'Get Weird' tour - previously promised that he intends on dropping several albums in the future.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I am very excited for my album.

"It's still my debut album, it's not even released yet. And there will be many more albums from me in the future."

Nathan debuted new single 'Give It Up' when he performed with Little Mix on the opening night of their 'Get Weird' tour in Cardiff, Wales, on Sunday night (13.03.16).

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