Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are dating again

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  • 11 March 2016
Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis (c) Instagram

Stephanie Davis has confirmed she dating Jeremy McConnell again when she shared an intimate selfie of them online last night (10.03.16)

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are dating again.

The 22-year-old actress has confirmed she's rekindled her romance with the Irish hunk, who broke her heart after he confessed to cheating on her, after she posted an intimate selfie of them in bed together online last night (10.03.16).

Taking to her Instagram account, the brunette beauty shared the shot - which was originally taken on Snapchat - of them cuddling up to one another in Majorca, Spain.

She accompanied it with the heartfelt caption: "Sometimes in life people take chances, people interfere but some of us really love someone that we try to forgive but never forget. Jeremy proved that it's me he wants to be with.

"I've decided to remain with him. I know our relationship is all over media and it takes one horrible person go blow it out of proportion. I hope you guys can see how happy he makes me, I learned a lot though the break.

"I don't need a man to be happy. But the last few days he has proved his love. I will try to keep issues out of media but all these £10 stories people are selling are a total joke. Just be happy for me (sic)."

Stephanie fled to Majorca last week after she learnt the 26-year-old model had romped with Caroline Pope, 19, behind her back in Newcastle, while she was pining over him in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in February.

The 26-year-old hunk rushed out to join the blonde beauty on the Balearic Island a day after his shock confession on national television to mend her broken heart.

A source said previously: "He flew out for their crisis talks because he can't live without her."

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