Gillian Anderson hasn't been approached about another X-Files

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  • 11 March 2016
Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson has admitted she's yet to be approached by bosses about the possibility of another 'The X-Files'

Gillian Anderson doesn't think they'll make another 'X-Files'.

The 47-year-old actress has just reprised her role as FBI special agent Dana Scully for the six-part run of the revived popular 90s series but she has admitted she's yet to be approached by bosses about the potential of another series.

She explained: "They have not come to us to ask about doing more. It's all about schedules."

And it's not just her work load that will need to match up with shooting the next installment as her co-star David Duchovny - who portrays Fox Mulder - will also need to take time out of his show 'Aquarius' in order to pour his time into 'The X-Files'.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which hits screens tomorrow night (12.03.16), she said: "David does a show called 'Aquarius' and I do 'The Fall' so it is all about whether it matches up. If it matched up and a few other things were in place we may do another. We are not getting any younger."

The popular sci-fi TV series originally ran from 1993 until 2002 but fans were sent into a frenzy earlier this year when it was announced FBI agents Fox and Dana would be reuniting 14 years after they were last seen on British soil.

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