Richard Blackwood: Phil could be Vincent's half-brother

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  • 10 March 2016
Richard as Vincent in 'EastEnders'

Richard Blackwood as Vincent Hubbard

Richard Blackwood says 'EastEnders' writers could make Phil Mitchell his character Vincent Hubbard's half-brother but he "doesn't know" what the future holds yet

'EastEnders' star Richard Blackwood thinks it's a possibility Phil Mitchell could be his character Vincent Hubbard's half-brother.

The 43-year-old actor says the developments in Albert Square for his alter ego and his family have left the door open for Vincent and the Walford hardman (Steve McFadden) to be siblings but he "doesn't know" what the writers have planned for him.

Addressing the possible storyline on 'This Morning, he said: "(Well) I need to be mixed race for that. Now granted my hair is soft, it has curls in it, but it is not mixed race curls it's black curls. The thing is even though I am saying this there is a writer right now going, 'But guess what I've got an idea...'

"It could work. I don't know. I think he's better looking than me. I haven't been called for that yet."

Quizzed on whether Vincent's mother Claudette may have had a fling with Phil's dad Eric Mitchell back in the day, Richard quipped: "It seems like everyone had a bit of a thing with her!"

The brotherly rumours come as the Hubbard family secrets have been exposed left-right-and-centre in this week's dramatic scenes involving Vincent and his mother Claudette (Ellen Thomas), who he attempted to strangle upon learning she killed his father.

Richard has a lot of praise for his co-star Ellen admits he was "following her lead" during shooting for the dramatic scenes.

He said: "Ellen is a superior actress and I always say I am still learning. 'EastEnders' has got such great actors and I've come in and I sponge, I watch everybody. I was following her lead and it was easy because in a sense she was the person I was trying to get information out of."

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