The Polish Play

The Polish Play

Craigellachie Village Hall, Craigellachie, Aberdeenshire, Wed 30 Apr, then touring


The issue of immigration becomes more controversial each day, and everyone has an opinion. We regularly hear what the politicians and the papers think, but we rarely hear anything from the perspective of the migrants themselves.

One such story is at the heart of the new play from Farnham Maltings, which is currently touring village halls across the UK. Michael Strobel and Agniesczka Korzuszek star in the story of a Polish woman who comes to Britain to work as an au pair, accompanied by her ageing father. Strobel explains that the play was devised especially for village halls. ‘It has been said that village communities carry the lifeblood of the nation. This piece explores what it means to be a visitor to that.’

The play was inspired by a restaurant, where all the staff appeared to be migrants, and Strobel is confident that it will cause debate among audiences. ‘Once the play is finished, it is common for people to remain, talking. It is thought-provoking, though in a very subtle way.’ Gaining positive responses from audiences so far, Strobel is full of praise for director Gavin Stride’s work. He says, ‘It’s the most original, brave and innovative weaving of cultures.’ With Korzuszek providing a rare Polish perspective, it may shine light on the other side of this hot topic.

The Polish Play

Designed specifically for village halls, this National touring Farnham Maltings production is part village dance and part afternoon tea. Using devices such as an accordion, a home movie, Yuri Gagarin and the 1974 world cup finals, this intriguing play tells the tale of a young Polish lady who has come to the UK, with her…

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