Bjork's songs inspired by mountain walks

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 March 2016


When she needs inspiration to write new music, Bjork always goes for a walk in the mountains in her home country of Iceland

Bjork's best melodies come to her after she has been on a mountain walk.

The 50-year-old singer likes to go to her private cabin in her home country Iceland and take in the natural beauty of the nation's lava fields, mountains and glaciers.

When she's on her long treks she finds her creative juices start flowing and songs just pop into her head.

Asked if her music ideas come to her unconsciously, she said: "Just without being conscious of it I'd make up melodies, and it still works for me. I go to my cabin, go for a walk in the mountains, and after 20 minutes you just start humming and then the melodies kind of pop out, you know? I was just listening to my dictaphone from the plane, and it is helpful to record ideas, but actually the best melodies are the ones you remember - they come back to you. You just wake up in the morning and they're there, going in circles."

Bjork has started work on her next album - the follow-up to last year's 'Vulnicura' - and has written three tracks already, although she doesn't know when the new LP will come out.

Asked if she has a deadline for her forthcoming release, she told AnOther magazine: "I have a really good team. The guy from my record company is my manager - my friend from back in the punk days, we met when I was 16. He was the bass player for Flux of Pink Indians on the Crass label, and I was in a band (Kukl) on Crass and it was very anarchic - this philosophy that it is ready when it is ready. It should be from the artist's point of view, not the business one. So I am very blessed that way. A lot of my mates have the same job as me, and they definitely have not had that."

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