Alex Fletcher is pregnant

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  • 8 March 2016
Alex Fletcher as Diane O'Connor

Alex Fletcher

Hollyoaks' Alex Fletcher is expecting her second child with her husband Neil Davies

Alex Fletcher is pregnant.

The 'Hollyoaks' actress - who already has 10-year-old daughter Yasmin with husband Neil Davies - admits it is "slightly surreal" to be expecting a baby boy in just three months time.

She said: "It's so thrilling and slightly surreal. I'm still on a bit of a high about it all. It's a big deal isn't it? I'm 40 in July."

Falling pregnant is particularly special for the actress as she had an ectopic pregnancy - where an embryo begins to grow outside of the womb - last year.

She explained to HELLO! magazine: "It felt dangerous and frightening. Luckily, I didn't need surgery and didn't lose my Fallopian tubes. I had to take Methotrexate, which wasn't pleasant and meant we couldn't try for another baby for six months. Having gone through all that, it made me realise how much I wanted a baby - I was on a mission. We were so lucky it only took four months [to conceive again]."

Alex will continue in her role as Diane Hutchinson until May and is delighted with her exit storyline, though she won't confirm if she'll be back.

She said: "I can't reveal what it is, but I have a brilliant exit."

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