Brooke Vincent loves the free breakfasts at Coronation Street

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  • 8 March 2016
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent confessed that the "best thing" about 'Coronation Street' are the free breakfasts she gets on set

Brooke Vincent likes to goes to the 'Coronation Street' set on her day off - but only to pick up her free breakfast.

The 23-year-old actress - who has played lesbian Sophie Webster in the hit soap since 2004 - ventures to the cobbled streets every morning, even when she's not filming, to scoff the complimentary food provided on set.

She explained: "The best thing [about being on 'Corrie'] is that - people are going to laugh at me - I love my work, like I wasn't in work yesterday but I popped in any way for my breakfast because we get free breakfast. And you pop in, and you sit down and have a chat with everyone. You can literally nip in at any time of the day and see people."

But she doesn't just stop by once a day, as she later returns for her free lunch and dinner as well.

She joked: "You think I'm joking. No, I do. Three meals a day. Chewing gum, Crème eggs, you can take the lot."

But being in the soap isn't all fun and games as the brunette beauty is sick of the comments she gets from bitter girls on her social media sites.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' today (08.03.16), she said: "The worst thing is probably having people you don't know comment on things that they don't know about but they think they know about. On Instagram if I've got something on and somebody says it's from there and it's not, it really annoys me. Like a girl, say if somebody is sat in Devon, like someone that is very sure of themselves and said 'She has got this from this shop' - No, it's not."

Meanwhile, Brooke is temporarily quitting the show later this year to star in the theatre production of 'Be My Baby'.

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