TV review: Follow the Money, BBC Four (3 stars)

TV review: Follow the Money, BBC Four

Latest Nordic noir set in the world of corporate fraud

BBC Four was the driving force in popularising Nordic noir in the UK. And the channel seems set on capitalising on its rep for high quality Scandi crime in 2016. Swiftly following Icelandic thriller Trapped we're back in Denmark for Follow the Money. But there's a subtle twist as what starts with a murder turns into a high profile corporate criminal investigation.

Follow the Money begins with the discovery of a dead migrant worker found floating off the coast of Denmark near a large windfarm. Is this an industrial accident or something more sinister? Lead detective Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen) finds his investigation strangled by bureaucratic red tape and just as the entire case looks like it's going to be swept under the carpet a new layer of criminality is revealed. Switching from following a blood trail to tracking deals, transactions and insider trading at renewable energy company Energreen.

Follow the Money is about greed. Behind the environmentally friendly façade is an industry worth millions. Energreen CEO Sander (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) seems to be at the centre of this corruption but has he found a new ally in ambitious lawyer Claudia (Natalie Madueño)? Meanwhile young mechanic / car thief Nicky (Esben Smed Jensen) gets tangled up in this world of corporate crime by mistake. Our four main players inevitably drawn together as the rot spreads.

Financial fraud could be a dry subject matter. However as a homicide detective Mads attacks white collar crime with the urgency and energy of a murder case. The action at its most dynamic behind the commercial sheen at Energreen (Sander is as slippery as he is charismatic) or deep in the bowls of the Financial Crime Squad. Their home lives slow the plot but add an extra dimension to each character (for example Mads' wife has multiple sclerosis and Claudia looks like she is facing a custody battle for her son). There's a sluggish pace compared to some of the big guns of Nordic noir genre, Follow the Money takes it's time to get going, but is still a classy investigation that feels like it has many more secrets to divulge.

Follow the Money starts on BBC Four, Sat 19 Mar.