Jack Black's School of Rock memory

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  • 8 March 2016
Jack Black

Jack Black

Jack Black thinks the only movie people will remember him for is the 2003 US comedy film 'School of Rock'

Jack Black thinks the only film he'll be remembered for is 'School of Rock'.

The Hollywood actor has appeared in several movies, including 'King Kong', 'The Holiday' and 'Tropic Thunder', but doesn't think anyone will recall him in any motion picture other than the 2003 US comedy film, for which he earned a Golden Globe nod for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy.

When asked what people will say when they look back on everything he's done, he added: "They'll just say that he was in 'School of Rock', and he was good in that. And that's good enough. I like having fun now. I don't think about my tombstone too much."

Jack has also lent his voice to panda Po in all three 'Kung Fu Panda' films and while there are huge names such as Angelina Jolie (Tigress), Jackie Chan (Monkey) and Dustin Hoffman (Shifu) voicing characters in the third film, he insists the "unsung hero" of the production is theatre actor Stephen Kearin.

He impersonates the other characters in the film when the actors record their voice parts one at a time.

Jack added to The Times magazine: "Sometimes he's not available. They'll say, 'We're going to bring in, uh, Larry from accounts. He's going to read the lines with you today.' And I'm like, 'No, he's not. Let me know when Stephen's available.' He's the unsung hero.

"He does an amazing one-man show with the unfortunate title Inside Out, so if you look it up on the internet, you'll never find it.

"It's a very precise science these guys are working with, so unfortunately I don't get to high-five Angelina Jolie every time I go into DreamWorks Animation."

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