Nanny Pat leaves over £400k in her will

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  • 7 March 2016
Nanny Pat

Nanny Pat

'TOWIE's Nanny Pat has reportedly left £437,855 to her five children in her will following her death last year

'TOWIE's Nanny Pat has reportedly left £437,855 in her will.

The lovable grandmother - whose real name is Patricia Brooker - will split the sum equally between her two sons and three daughters, including Mark and Jessica's mother Carol Wright, after funeral expenses and legal costs have been taken out, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

It's believed Pat's estate is mainly made up of the value of her home in Dagenham, Essex, which she had lived alone in since the death of her husband Charlie Brooker in 2007.

The sweet lady broke hearts across the nation last year when she tragically passed away just a few weeks after her 80th birthday in December following a short battle with an illness.

Pat was given a traditional send off in Essex, with her coffin adorned with purple flowers and cream fabric bows, as her friends and family gathered round to pay their respects.

But, although she's gone, Carol is convinced her late mother is trying to send her subtle messages beyond the grave.

Carol said recently: "I think she still sends me little messages. Everywhere I look there are little feathers. When she did pass away, I was paranoid and thinking, 'My sisters have found a feather' and I wasn't finding anything and they just said, 'Do you know what? Just let it come' and every minute now, I'm finding feathers everywhere.

"I'll clear photo of her and then I'll clear another cupboard out and there's another photo of her but I've got her little pillow in the kitchen and I just speak to her every day like, 'You alright mum?' and I keep touching her picture."

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