Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff reminded of 'crazy' careers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 March 2016
DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Will Smith and his original musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff always remind each other how unbelievable their success is and never take it for granted

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are reminded of their "crazy" success whenever they see each other.

The hip hop pioneer and Oscar-nominated Hollywood star are the best of pals, having rose to fame as the Grammy Award winning duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

They're set to unite in December to go on tour, but Jeff revealed whenever they meet they share a knowing "look" of disbelief at the wonderful careers they have had.

'The Return of the Magnificent' hitmaker exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "You have no idea just the conversations that we'll have. There's times that he'll give me that look, and I know that look, I've known that look for 30 years! It's 'Can you believe this?' I don't think it will ever completely set in that this is how it's supposed to be. And I think people are really shocked that it's like that with him. You know, 'You don't ever take anything for granted... this is crazy.' "

Jeff is booked to perform at SuncéBeat festival in Croatia which is held at iconic music location The Garden, Tisno, in July.

And these days the former 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' co-stars find it easier to catch up in exotic places than in their hometown of West Philadelphia.

Jeff recalled: "I was just wrapping up my Asian tour in January and my last date was in Malaysia. I landed there and got a text, 'Are you in Malaysia?' And I was kind of like, 'Why would he ask me if I was in Malaysia?' But I said 'Yeah man, I've just landed' and he replied 'I'm in the airport'."

The 'Summertime' hitmakers then enjoyed a completely random reunion.

He continued: "I'm just like, 'Wait a minute, how in the world, how random, is it for us to be in Malaysia at the same time?' So he was like, 'Where you at?' and I told him the baggage claim. And he said 'I'm sending someone to come and get you.' He had just landed and he was over there for some business meetings, and had just landed too, and asked someone what's going on tonight, and she looked it up and said, 'You're not gonna believe it, your partner is here.' "

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