Michelle Keegan's tough training for Our Girl

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  • 6 March 2016
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan admits she ached "in places she never knew could ache" when she started training to portray a soldier in 'Our Girl'

Michelle Keegan "was aching in places she never knew could ache" when she trained for 'Our Girl'.

The former 'Coronation Street' beauty admits preparing for her role in the BBC drama has been hard work and she has "lost count of the amount of press ups" she has done.

She explained: "So, this week has mostly been about preparing and packing for South Africa to start filming for the drama. I have been spending time training. I have been in Aldershot for 4 days at an army barracks. This was no picnic! I did dabbing [fast walking] patrolling, drills, some medical training, and combat control.

"By the end (and the beginning) of every day I was aching in places I never knew I could ache. I lost count of the amount of press ups I have done. If we answered a question wrong or we weren't listening properly we'd have to get down and give 10/20 at a time. I answered a few wrong. We went for fast walks that turned into running for a couple of miles with the full army kit on and crawled through lots of very cold mud."

And despite the 28-year-old actress feeling physically exhausted by everything, she felt a "sense of achievement" on completing it.

Writing in her blog for HELLO! magazine, she added: "Even though the weather was bad - and by bad I mean hail stones kind of bad, we still had to do it!

"Even though it was hard and pushed me physically and mentally, I feel a sense of achievement and alot of respect for anyone who has gone through this kind of training."

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