Christian Bale: I didn't nail it as Batman

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  • 4 March 2016
Christian and Sibi

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic

Christian Bale may be considered to have provided the greatest big screen portrayal of Batman in his 'Dark Knight' films but he is disappointed with his performances

Christian Bale thinks he "didn't quite nail it" as Batman.

The 45-year-old actor stared as The Caped Crusader in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' trilogy but, despite being lauded by critics, he is disappointed with his depiction of the DC Comics superhero.

Christian - who is married to Sibi Blazic - told Yahoo Movies: "I didn't quite manage what I hoped I would through the trilogy. I didn't quite nail it."

Bale starred opposite the late Heath Ledger as The Joker in the second movie and he is happy to admit his co-star completely stole the show with his Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winning performance.

Remembering the Australian star - who tragically died aged 28 from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008 - Bale said: "Batman, he's this very, very dark, messed-up character. I found when I put on the suit I went, 'I just feel like a bloody idiot if I don't use this as a means to kind of (show) his true, monstrous self that he allows to come out in that moment.' Heath turned up and just kind of completely ruined all my plans. I went, 'He's so much more interesting than me and what I'm doing.' "

Although Bale is his own harshest critic, his co-star Morgan Freeman - who played Lucius Fox, the head of business development at Wayne Enterprises, in the trio of films in the film - disagrees with his appraisal of his Batman portrayal.

He recently said the actor was irreplaceable as the superhero, ahead of the release of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' which stars Ben Affleck as Batman.

Freeman commented: "You know, I'm happy for Ben but I don't know how that's gonna work. Because 'The Dark Knight' was almost 'it'. Pretty much 'it'. Did you see 'Batman Begins'? I don't think you can beat that."

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