Robson Green is inspired by his late father's ghost

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  • 1 March 2016
Robson Green

Robson Green

Robson Green is inspired from his late father's ghost, which helps him get into his post-war detective character in ITV's 'Grantchester'

Robson Green is inspired to act by the ghost of his father.

The 51-year-old actor uses his dead dad's upbringing as a coal miner to help him get under the skin of his alter-ego Detective Geordie Keating in the '50s drama 'Grantchester'.

He explained: "The only atavistic thing I can bring [to the role] is my father's upbringing and how he was with the men of the Fifties and the views and the taboos then - the undercurrent of something deeply uncomfortable because homophobia, racism and sexism was rife in the Fifties, absolutely rife.

"The rhythm that our scriptwriter Daisy Coulam has created and the rhythm that James Runcie has in his books kind of hark back to my father's ilk ... There are times when loved ones pass away and you wonder if they've really gone.

"But I see my father so clearly in some of the things I do because I think 'My father used to do that, the mannerisms!' "

Meanwhile, Robson and co-star James Norton, who plays his crime fighting partner vicar Sidney Chambers, will return to screens for the second series on Wednesday (02.03.16) and, although they don't yet know whether it will be a hit with viewers, they're already thinking ahead to the third installment next year.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Robson said: "The greatest examples of love come from groups of men, be they miners, steel workers, or working on the docks.

"They call it camaraderie, they call it togetherness but it's love, you know, it's love. Love between men was always taboo but we deal with that on the show."