Capercaillie - Roses and Tears (3 stars)


(Vertical Records)


Capercaillie have done very nicely with their particular fusion of traditional music with more contemporary influences, and it is hardly likely that they are going to suddenly throw all that aside in pursuit of some radical new direction. They have modernised their sound over the years, but always within the basic context of an essentially acoustic folk line-up augmented by a bit of electric keyboard and drum kit.

This typically polished collection of songs and instrumental sets delivers their own take on folk fusion in largely familiar style, both on sparkling instrumental sets like the ‘The Aphrodisiac’ and ‘Rose Cottage Reels’ and Karen Matheson’s vocal features, including a brace of anti-war songs in John Martyn’s poignant ‘Don’t You Go’ and Donald Shaw’s ‘Soldier Boy’. Her Gaelic singing is well-represented, notably on the lovely ‘Seinneam Cliù Nam Fear Ùr’, the vocal highlight of the album.

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