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  • 27 November 2006


Gossip, chat and rumour from the gallery floor

Don’t let that artist near those scissors! We’ve all seen artist homemade hair-dos, hacked, feathered and blunt-scissored monstrosities, well Hairwaves FM - 87.7FM brings artists and designers together to celebrate good and bad examples of hairdressing in a unique one day radio forecast. Artists Zoë Irvine and Mark Vernon have collaborated with Glasgow-based designers Freight for the event, bringing stories about hairdryer disasters, the jive about blond bombshells, and music, interviews ‘cut-ups and clips’ from around the world on the subject of hair. Hairwaves FM also marks the launch of Hairwaves: A Cautionary Tale, an audio CD, created in with the artists and Freight, with funding from Arts & Business Scotland. The Hairwaves CD features recorded interviews of wig makers, pet groomers, Glasgow’s physic barber, alongside hairdressers and hair establishments in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Montreal (Canada), Habas (France), and Salvador (Brazil), all made between 2001 and 2006. The CD packaging has been created by the designers and features stunning drawings by Dutch artist Danielle Lemaire.

The National Gallery of Scotland (The Mound) will be exhibiting prints by Goya from his ‘Disasters of War’, ‘ Tauromaquia’ and ‘Proverbios’ series this winter, dragged up from the bowels of the archive to be shown in an exhibition entitled Goya: Monsters and Matadors. The gallery will celebrate the Spanish artist’s reputation as a printmaker with more than 40 original etchings and lithographs on display to the public. This selection of prints has been hand-picked from some of Goya’s best known major print series, produced during his most intensive period of printmaking, which stretched from 1810 until his death in 1828. The exhibition will be open from Sat 16 Dec 2006-Sun 25 Feb 2007.

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