Five things you might not know about . . . Seymour Mace

Five things you might not know about . . . Seymour Mace

Geordie comic takes his semi-surrealist schtick across the country

1. Seymour has always been an entertainer
His lifelong ambition was to be a clown (and he got into that by performing ‘street theatre’ across the world in his twenties) but he started off doing two-hander puppet shows for his mum and dad at Christmas. One was a horse, but he can’t recall the other. As in the puppets, not his parents.

2. And Seymour is a cool stage-name, right?
Wrong, it’s his given forename. There’s a chance he might have had problems with it at school but he’s quick to point out that the name has a strong comedy tradition: the main character in Little Shop of Horrors is Seymour Krelborn and who can forget The Simpsons’ Seymour Skinner, the Springfield Elementary Principal so memorably voiced by Harry Shearer?

3. You might have seen two Seymours in BBC Three’s Ideal
Back in the good old days when BBC Three was on the actual telly, the channel occasionally put on some cracking comedy. Such as Graham Duff’s Ideal starring Johnny Vegas and featuring Seymour Mace playing two characters, identical twins Craig and Steve. Sadly, both characters came to rather sticky ends.

4. Ideal is not where his acting CV ends
Mace was also in the Newcastle-set Hebburn (also written by Duff alongside Jason Cook) and had a writing hand in Zombie Women of Satan (his character there was called Johnny Hellfire), which was shot in Gateshead with a princely budget around the £70,000 mark.

5. He’s ‘Niche As Fuck’!
Or, at least, that was Mace’s titled claim with his last Edinburgh Fringe show which scooped him a slot on the Edinburgh Comedy Award shortlist. It was a rather surprising yet very popular nomination among the comedy community, but no one was especially outraged when he didn’t win the thing. Amid the August mayhem, our reviewer stated that Mace’s niche was ‘a smart one, where laughter tears spring from his crowd at the oddest moments’.

Seymour Mace appears across the country from Fri 4 Mar to Mon 27 June

The Friday Show

Friday night sparkles with the promise of comedy in a basement, courtesy of those good folk at The Stand. Hurrah!

Catch 22: Jake Lambert, Seymour Mace and Pete Firman plus MC Danny McLoughlin

A mix of familiar telly faces and the best comics up and down the land. Chuck in a couple of great bars and quite frankly one of the best audiences you will find anywhere – it all adds up to a fantastic Friday night! 18+

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