Hollyoaks' Kim Butterfield has more 'twists' coming her way

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  • 26 February 2016
Kim Butterfield and Lindsey Roscoe

Kim Butterfield and Lindsey Roscoe

Hollyoaks' Kim Butterfield is set to be slapped with more "twists" in the next coming weeks after she was wrongly framed for multiple murders earlier this week

Hollyoaks' Daisy Wood-Davis has teased there's a lot of "twists" lined up for her character Kim Butterfield over the next coming weeks after she was wrongly framed for murder.

The 25-year-old actress has hinted her crazy alter-ego has a long road ahead of her after she was arrested and charged for all of the Gloved Hand Killer's evil crimes after the real culprit Lindsey Roscoe (Sophie Austin) framed her sister.

She said: "I can't give away too much about what happens next, but there are a lot more twists and turns coming up for Kim. There's still a lot more stuff for me on screen."

And Kim's release from prison may have something to do with her ex-girlfriend Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) as she comes up with a plan to prove her former lover's innocence.

Daisy explained: "Esther knows the real Kim, so deep down, she probably realises that she's not capable of it. But at the same time, Esther wonders why Kim was holding the killing kit if she's not guilty. So Esther's feelings are mixed but they do change eventually - which you'll see later on."

And Daisy hopes the nitty-gritty case brings her alter-ego and Esther together again after they split last year.

She added: "I think Kim and Esther are a really cute couple and they're good for each other. Let's face it, ever since she split from Esther, it's all gone quite downhill for Kim."

But it may not be a happy ending for Kim after all as her evil sister may claim her as her next victim.

Daisy told Digital Spy: "There's always that risk, because Lindsey is just not going to stop at anything. Lindsey is so ruthless and she's even tried to kill her own husband. It just goes to show that nobody is safe."

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