Miyagi - Lucky Face (3 stars)

Miyagi - Lucky Face

(Miyagi Music)


Some of us demand originality in these days of ‘same-old, same-old’. Edinburgh’s Miyagi (a quartet with only one sold-out EP – Dragonfly – behind them) fall into many categories, none of them standardised pop. To pigeonhole their eclectic and diverse musicianship is nigh on mission impossible, but shades of C,S,N&Y, Spirit, the Beta Band and Howard Werth’s Audience (remember them?) come to mind.

Messrs Duncan, Ross, Bruce and McNaught cross all boundaries of rock, psychedelic country, jazzy blues, acoustic folk and funky surf, and are at their most creative during ‘Cry Cry Cry’, ‘All Good Reptiles go to Heaven’ (both of which feature newest recruit, cellist and vocalist Claire Schiavone), ‘Dirty Little Monkey’ and ‘Dead Man’s Hand’. Inspirational if not exceptional.

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