Pete Wicks' dog watches him having sex

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  • 26 February 2016
Pete Wicks (c) Instagram

Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks has admitted he lets his dog Ernest watch him having sex because he hates the thought of kicking him out in the cold

Pete Wicks' dog watches him having sex.

The 'Only Way is Essex' hunk has admitted his pet pooch Ernest sits in the corner and watches him getting frisky with a woman because he can't bear to shut the four-legged creature out of the room.

He said: "I'm really close to my bulldog Ernest and he sleeps in bed with me. If I have a girl in there, he gets really jealous - he thinks it's his bed, so he doesn't like other people in it.

"There are 'times' he shouldn't be in it - so he sits in the corner and watches. I don't have the heart to put him outside! He can't breathe very well, either, so he's just there, heavy breathing in the corner - it's really awkward. Essentially I'm having sex in his bed!"

However, the handsome star has admitted his love life has been pretty much non-existent recently but he'd love to find someone to settle down with in the near future.

He explained to NOW! magazine: "I'm Mr Single. I'm too old to be single now, though. So it would be nice to chill out a bit and have date nights and someone to look after my dogs and make me breakfast. She doesn't have to have tattoos. I like wild, but not the type that's going to swing from the chandelier and p*** in your mouth. That's not what I want. I want an ambitious bird with a bit of fight in her."

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