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De Rosa

Local indie special

Independents, ie self-released records and downloads, are the current music industry trailblazers, but talk of ‘independence’ may account for the broad Scots accents on at least some of the current local releases. Comrade Down – 1/3 of former John Peel faves The Aphrodisiacs – strips back the electronic pop of his previous band; ‘What Is For Me Won’t Go By Me’ ( •••• the top track on a combination of two EPs available. Another download, this one free and gratis, is from Dirty Summer, who rip up a Sonic Youth blueprint and mix in chundering subsonic bass and toy organs on a disembowelled version of ‘Then he Kissed Me’ ( ••••.

Port Sulphur’s ‘Discord’ (Aufgeladen Und Bereit) ••• is, yes, a Fire Engines cover featuring the rhythmic groove of original drummer Russell Burn which offers it a new lease of life nearly 30 years on.

At once futuristic and retro, Dirty Cloth borrow the Dennistoun Philharmonic to add the cinematic feel of Talk Talk to ‘2SF’ (Through the Wire) •••. Meanwhile, potential soulmates Dancing Mice release ‘Eroded’ (Squeak) •••, a cute piece of synthpop, recalling when Depeche Mode were more M&S than S&M.

Overcry’s debut EP ‘We Sit In Silence (New Town Independent) ••• is a twin pronged offering – two sprightly guitar pop tunes alternate with a pair of darkly-lyricised pieces with an Arab Strap/Twilight Sad feel. Dan Against the World’s ‘OK in Tokyo’ EP (Stop Motion) ••• is, however, unabashed pop mixing chugging Pixies guitars, wibbly 80s keyboard and rather nice harmonised vocals. Simon T Munro’s ‘Sailor Sailor’ (STM) ••• veers towards Blunt/Gray territory, but is an undeniably fine piece of songwriting.

Vacuum Spasm Babies’ ‘Thin Man EP’ (Shark Batter) •••• boasts a minute-long lead track concerning ‘getting punched for wearing a Pastels T-shirt’ and indeed their four tracker sounds like Stephen and crew, were they hardened via a diet of snakebite and Slowdive.

However, our Single of the Fortnight comes from De Rosa who debunk another national stereotype, with a free download for every month of 2008. ‘One Sixtieth of a Second too Late’ ( ••••• is another top-quality piece of tense post-folk.

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