Sacha Baron Cohen smells 'delicious' says Gabourey Sidibe

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 February 2016
Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe says her 'Grimsby' co-star Sacha Baron Cohen has the most amazing manly smell which is simply "delicious"

Gabourey Sidibe thinks Sacha Baron Cohen "smells really manly and delicious".

The 32-year-old actress plays an African maid in new comedy 'Grimsby' and seemingly developed a crush on her British co-star - who plays a football hooligan called Norman 'Nobby' Grimsby - during filming, after she was seriously impressed with his choice of masculine aftershave.

She gushed: "It's a really funny movie and Sacha is so funny and so smart and a joy to be around and he smells really manly and delicious too."

Meanwhile, the 'Empire' star says there were so many unscripted jokes being developed each day on set, that she stopped bothering to read the script, and an un-cut version full of 'Grimsby' outtakes would be "horrible", but "really really really hilarious."

She revealed to HeyUGuys: "The script was always updating itself so at some point I just stopped reading it and I would wait until we got to set and then I'd have them explain to me what we were doing.

"There were a ton of times when I'd just be like 'I can't believe we are doing this but I guess we are.' We shot a lot of scenes that were all too much and so they had to be cut.

"There should definitely be some x-rated or un-rated version of the film. That would be horrible and really, really, really hilarious too."

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