IAMX (4 stars)


King Tut’s, Glasgow, Mon 31 Mar


‘Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!’ The Deutsch kitsch musical number from Cabaret is the perfect aural backdrop for IAMX (the demonic brainchild of ex-Sneaker Pimp Chris Corner) to take to the stage. King Tut’s usual leery, beery and laddy rumpus, where indie rock is met with affectionate aggression is gone and a very different type of entertainment reigns: a sexed-up, electro-gothic cabaret.

Corner (or should that be X?) and his accumulated circus freaks put on a three-ring show akin to The Dresden Dolls after a high NRG dance make-over, which is more theatrical and pop than Sneaker Pimps ever were. Mixing one track into the next for a non-stop groove, what can sound lacklustre on their two albums comes alive on stage with operatic vocals piercing taut beats and woozy melodies.

They demand the utmost reverence from the eager crowd before paying it back with an encore of ‘President’, a hypnotic, anthemic call-to-arms that positions X as a dark messiah. On a rainy Monday night in Scotland, he declares ‘For all you lonely boys/ I will be president’ and audience members of all genders are transported, sweaty and smitten at his sheer chutzpah.

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